New Video By Cowboy Mouth “I Believe”

On stage, Cowboy Mouth’s Fred LeBlanc – singer, drummer, songwriter, and force of nature – is a ball of brilliant Louisiana lightning: a pounding, shouting, shaking, sweating rock and roll true believer. A veteran rocker with years of experience as a party-starter (he was previously in Dash Rip Rock), he and his bandmates – guitarist and fellow founding member John Thomas Griffith; rhythm guitarist Matt Jones; and bassist Brian Broussard – are a sizzling amalgam of influences: rock, blues, folk, soul, a pinch of country, and maybe a little carnival music, too.

This May, Cowboy Mouth released The Name of the Band Is, Vol. 2, which features newly re-recorded versions of fan-favorites – with the band’s current lineup, along with several new tracks. Their latest music video is for the re-recorded version of their single, “I Believe,” which was originally featured on 2008’s Fearless. LeBlanc and his bandmates have always foregrounded their love for their hometown of New Orleans and Southern musical culture in general, and that’s on bold display in “I Believe.” The clip begins with a long shot of a massive crowd at an outdoor festival – all arms swaying, faces expectant, ready to receive the music. When Cowboy Mouth takes the stage, it’s at a small club, and the reception from the fans is both delirious and overjoyed.