LaRosa – “Pretty Lies” New Release

Brother and sister duo, Isabel and Thomas are an emerging creative force from Annapolis, Maryland. They have performed in small clubs with nationally recognized jazz artists, at local showcases, and regional festivals and are now positioned to break out with their own original and sophisticated style of earthy, urban synth-pop.”

– Jeni Brady, Naptown Music

Warez Pushes Mid-Tempo Electro Forward on New Noise Debut “Death and Rebirth”

Interweaving sparse melodies with ferocious drops, Warez pushes mid-tempo electro forward on his New Noise debut “Death and Rebirth.” Transcending the genre through paradoxical arrangements, the young producer takes listeners from the calm to the storm and everything in-between. It’s an absolute work of art and if Warez didn’t have your attention before, he commands it now.

Seattle’s Subways On The Sun Sign with Spartan Records

Seattle, WA indie rockers Subways on the Sun have signed with Spartan Records and will release their sophomore album ‘Capsize’ on September 21st.

The label has also just re-released the band’s 2013 debut record ‘The Honeymoon Stagecoach’ as a free download on the Spartan website and Bandcamp. It is also available on streaming services.

DC’s Den-Mate announces her debut album!

Yesterday’s demons have a way of shaping today’s perspective. Confident and anew, Jules Hale directs Den-Mate—the multi-faceted dark pop project born in her bedroom in rural Virginia—toward greater creative heights, a feat that she attributes to the wisdom gained through harrowing experiences in her past. Loceke—their debut full length, out September 28th on Babe City Records—finds Hale assessing the darkness of her past with a fresh perspective, treating what was once wholly terrifying with a bit of tenderness. The result is a nuanced and grooving take on the story of death and rebirth, starting with the album’s throbbing opener “Charlotte” through the possessed “DC Junkie” and resigning with the ethereal sigh of “Still Life.”

The Energetic Bay Area Rapper Shares the Latest Release From the Upcoming Just The Beginning Mixtape

Brandishing a breathless and aggressive delivery, KiingRod brings a unique energy to post-hyphy production. Highlighting his ability to draw attention wherever he goes, KiingRod shares the bright club anthem “Viral.” Aided by a hook from JT The 4th, signed to E-40’s Sick Wid It Records, KiingRod tells his tale of rags to riches, snarling at haters and non-believers: “Money can’t change me, but it’ll change the way they view/I don’t fuck with the fakes, so why you think I need you?/Bitch!” In the video, KiingRod and JT stunt in a Rolls Royce in front of a picturesque Northern California house, counting cash and flipping off the camera. “Viral” is the latest single from Just The Beginning, the upcoming mixtape from KiingRod, an affiliate of Vallejo supergroup SOB x RBE. Featuring appearances from Yhung T.O. & DaBoii of SOB x RBE, YBN Nahmir, JT The 4th, Lil Sheik, Flexcity Streetz, Lil Noonie, and Kbgocrazy, Just The Beginning arrives on August 3rd.

UNEARTHLY TRANCE: Revolver Premieres “Mechanism Error”

One year after each releasing two of 2017’s heaviest albums, New York City’s UNEARTHLY TRANCE and Denver’s PRIMITIVE MAN unite for an exercise in complete and total suffering, coming this August via Relapse Records. Across seven apocalyptic tracks, both bands tap into some of the most uncomfortable, vile realms of blackened doom and dissonant, harsh noise put to tape in the new millennium.

Jon Bryant Explores “Paradise” With Enthralling New VIdeo

Jon Bryant explores the meaning of “Paradise” with his enthralling new video for the track, which is the album opener for forthcoming Nettwerk debut full-length Cult Classic (release details tba). The album is inspired by Jon’s short-lived time as a member of a cult, with “Paradise” perfectly setting the tone for what’s to come.

Liz Beebe, Front-Woman of Dustbowl Revival, To Release Hush Now: Lullabies for Sleepy People

Liz Beebe is best known as the female powerhouse of the critically acclaimed band Dustbowl Revival. With an international touring schedule that spans over continents, and months on the road, Beebe found herself becoming an aunt in the midst of the madness. A desire to be present and contribute to the lives of her family and loved ones became what is her first lullaby album, Hush Now, Lullabies for Sleepy People.

The idea of a children’s album focused on lullabies was something that had been brewing for a year or so before Liz started creating the demos. Inspiration came from her friends and family who sent her lists of songs they loved and sang to their own children. From there, she put her own unique twist on each song. Liz recalls, “I wanted to challenge myself and make something of my own. I work with seven talented musicians who, mostly, came up in the industry knowing that working and touring would be part of their career. As someone who fell in sideways, unexpectedly, I have been known to treat myself, with more doubt and skepticism. Making this album was an exercise in creativity and joy.”

Lindsay Latimer – New Video

On the remix, Lindsay shares, “This song teeters on a mash-up of emotions. There’s love, but there’s something heavy attached. It’s a battlefield of sweet confessions in the veneer of a love song, but something precarious survives – something unsettling. There’s an obvious surrendering, but it’s tied up in an enigmatic mystique. This spunky remix pours adrenaline all over the original, while persevering its creamy delicacy. It’s both sweet and sour. It’ll make your head bop.”

Experimental pop duo Black Grapefruit share sultry new single “End”

After a brief stint in Brooklyn following the release of SOS, Randa Smith and Brian Dekker escaped the city, settling into a rural house in upstate New York where pre-war means pre-War of 1812; in rooms where people were born and died, All My Relations came together. Getting away from the city wasn’t a retreat or a hideaway, though; it forced them out from the cover of the crowd and forced them to confront who they were, as a band and as individuals. To start the album they first had to break old habits in the heat of a Lakota sweat lodge and the dirt of their garden.

Sheridan Reed Is Yearning For Love On ‘We Should Both Be Here’ (Soulbounce)

The single is riddled with nostalgia and bouncy lyrics reminiscent of a past relationship. Love and charm, a formidable combination, are things Sheridan Reed wears like a shadow. It is full of soul, colorful jazz voicings, catchy lyrics that a pop hit demands, and subtle nods to the west coast vibe he grew up with.

SoulBounce Exclusive: Sheridan Reed Is Yearning For Love On ‘We Should Both Be Here’