OMB Peezy Ain’t Got Time For That in an Urgent Music Video

Born into poverty before breaking into the music industry as a teenager, Alabama native OMB Peezy knows that all he’s worked to gain can be erased with a single error in judgment. This perspective from the wise 20-year-old rapper adds a layer of poignancy to “No Time to Waste,” Peezy’s latest video single. Holding fort in the projects and performing in front of a sold-out crowd, Peezy illustrates where he’s been and where he’s going in the new video. Though he seems destined for rap stardom, Peezy will never forget his roots and will remain vigilant to ensure that he enjoys the spoils of his success while they last. “No Time to Waste” is the latest release off Loyalty Over Love, Peezy’s upcoming debut album, following the bouncy “Yeah Yeah,” which features TK Kravitz.

Stuffed with glistening Dirty South instrumentals, Loyalty Over Love is the culmination of Peezy’s sharp lyrics about his life as a rising star and his struggles with the legal system. Whether he’s seething at inept law enforcement on the previously released and Noisey-premiered “Fuck My P.O.,” fiercely asserting his individuality and independence within an oppressive system on “Souljah Life Mentality,” or paying tribute to the West Coast with the Dr. Dre-referencing and Donny Hathaway-sampling “Ghetto Boy.” Peezy is a magnetic presence, weaving his threats and boasts around hot instrumentals. Loyalty Over Love arrives on August 10th via Sick Wid It Records/300 Ent.