Funding Your Music Projects: 6 Ways to Success

Being a musician doesn’t mean you need to live with unpredictable paychecks. Your music can also be a way for you to earn bucks and even build your own studio.

This might be disgusting to talk to because we all know music is passion, arts, and hard work.

But, to produce music you also need some money to make it happen. And you just need to discover how to achieve this.

1. Selling Royalties

If you have nice stocks of original music, you can have money from selling it. There are music licensing agencies that are always on the look-out for good sounds. Or you can go directly to companies that will put your music in their marketing. In both ways, you can earn a few bucks from this.

2. Going to Gigs

Wow, this should not come as a shock to you. As musicians, you might go to gigs at one point in your career. And if you are new in the industry, you might dream of going into one.

Well, who wouldn’t?

Having a gig is a glimpse of what can you achieve with your music. The strobing lights, happy crowds, the blinding stage all of these are small scales of a musician’s greatest dreams.

And aside from the glory of performing your music, gig can also be a way to earn additional income. Gig compensation can depend on your quality and years in the industry. But, aside from this…

3. Your fans

Imagine having a group of supporters that cheers and chants your songs. I know, fans are really great to aspire to have. You can get a large amount of inspiration and your passion for music will not run out.

Granted, your fans are going to your gigs and buying your albums. This group of supporters too can also help you to finance your needs and your music projects.

The point is to have the funds for your projects, you need also to promote yourself and appeal to your community. If you have great songs and a nicely-done concept, this will be a piece of cake for you.

4. Joining YouTube

Considering you have your fans, you can also hop over to the wonderful world of YouTube. I know that growing followers here is a tough game.

But these hardships are really worth it in the long run. You can publish here your music and invite your fans to stream it there.

When you finally hit the needed views, you’ll start to earn the ad revenues. Keep on uploading here and you’ll see the positive result at the end.

5. Do Crowdfunding

Ask and you shall find. No, seriously. As a musician, you have a lot to offer. And your fans know this. All you have to do is ask.

With our modern tech, all is possible. You don’t have to tour your neighborhood, knock each door and play your best beats. No (but, this seems a good idea).

For a wider outreach, you can post your crowdfunding request to KickStarter or Indiegogo. These two crowdfunding sites for musicians are really effective in pooling donations.

6. Get a Loan

If you don’t like the suggestion above, you can also apply for a personal loan. This way, you can have your funds in a shorter time.

If you have a good credit, you can request for a larger amount. And if you have bad credit, take the time to improve your score. You can seek help from professional credit repair companies like Lexington Law. This credit repair service is on the business for 14 years. So you can expect a perfect result that will help your loans application to be approved. You can read the review here about this service.

Final Thoughts
You’re a great musician. And your collection of masterpiece deserves to grab the spotlight of the whole world. So, start building your music projects and best  of luck!