@skopemag Q&A Feat Chris Cass

We are halfway to Friday and it feels so good. Today we get to chat with Chris Cass. Born and raised in New Jersey, Christopher Cass was introduced to the Pop genre at a young age. By the age of eighteen, Chris started to really focus on perfecting his songwriting skills. Today we are so excited to help Chris let the masses know of his new single , ‘I Love You.’ Lets get right into it!

@skopemag: Where are we talking from today and how is June going so far?

CC: I’m located in Old Bridge, New Jersey. June is starting out well so far besides the weather here! Hoping to not worry about wearing a jacket in June anymore!

@skopemag: I love your name, is that your real name or a music alias?

CC: Chris Cass is my music alias, but it’s also my real name shortened. My full name is Christopher Cassara. The alias name actually came when I was about 14, and my parents didn’t allow me to have a Facebook or MySpace. So I shortened my name and it has stuck with me ever since!

@skopemag: When did you realize music was something you loved and wanted to pursue a career?

CC: Music has been my passion for as long as I can remember! I would always bring my CD player outside and sing my five year old heart out. (God bless my neighbor’s ears)

@skopemag: Growing up what two artists/bands had most influence on you & why?

CC: My favorite artists growing up were Britney Spears and Katy Perry. Britney Spears completely changed the Pop genre by going against all odds. Katy Perry has been a very big inspiration on learning how to become a songwriter, as well as a musician. With upbeat catchy lyrics, and expanding my ears to different vocal techniques, I hope my music can inspire others the way I’ve been from my idols.

@skopemag: How was coming up in NJ and how much music was played in your home growing up?

CC: Growing up in New Jersey was great! I was able to affiliate myself with many different activities growing up. Truthfully, music didn’t have much of a role in my family. My passion for music is definitely something innate. Growing up I lost sight of what I loved because I didn’t feel like I was good enough. However, a passion can never truly leave if its something you’re destined to do. So here I am, ready to take on my own music!

@skopemag: You are promoting the release of “I Love You.” Offer us the story on how long you were writing & recording this new single?

CC: Writing the song took a few months because I would always tweak the lyrics or melodies I was trying to use. Recording the song only took two sessions, and I do owe my producer (Adam Aldo) a big thanks for making this song into something amazing.

@skopemag: Is the songwriting based on real life or were you inspired?

CC: My songwriting for this piece was based off my current relationship. My fiancé and I just recently became engaged 8 months ago, so this song was in the works during that time. Also, there are lyrics sung in Russian because my fiancé speaks Russian as a first language. I wanted to make this song based off the authenticity of my life and my emotions.

@skopemag: If you were to put a video out what would that look like visually?

CC: Visually I have pictured the scenery of an open mountain area with a couple traveling through the bright green grass. Watching them climbing up the obstacles together, which would represent overcoming struggles within love. Love is a universal language, and I hope others can relate with my lyrics.

@skopemag: At 23 you are so motivated and ambitious. What do you say to those who speak down on millennials?

CC: Millennials are the future. We want to see the world grow for everyone, not just ourselves and the people we know. Change is something that not everyone wants to agree upon. This is my personal feeling on why millennials are misjudged. As a society, we want to build a stable world that everyone has the opportunity to thrive within!

@skopemag: I am an Amazon Music Unlimited member, how do you consume music these days?

CC: I use Apple Music as my primary source of music consumption. While I do love the freedom of being able to choose whatever I want to listen to, it makes things difficult for an upcoming artist to depend on for income. Downloading music provides artists with more stability as opposed to only making money based off your streams.

@skopemag: What is coming up for Chris Cass and where you @ online?

CC: I have already finished my next single! I’m working very hard to have everything perfect for its release. I hope this will open some opportunities and support to keep pursuing what I love to do!

Instagram page: @chriscassmusic

Facebook page: facebook.com/chriscassmusic

And my own website (where I might be pre-releasing my next song before all other music platforms!)