LA by way of St Louis singer-songwriter Cailee Rae released her debut EP Overthinking in 2016 at the young age of 16. After garnering attention from the press and fans alike, Cailee is back with new music for the first time in two years.

Entitled ‘Deeper,’ Cailee’s new single touches upon the need for true human connections in life. We all have preliminary people who come and go, but meaningful relationships are so important.

” ‘Deeper’ is a song that has opened my eyes,” says Cailee. “I had struggled for a while on what was missing from my life. Through writing sessions for ‘Deeper’ I realized that what I was lacking was true connections with people. We can all say hello, see someone every now and then, or like a picture. But have you truly connected with them? I needed someone in my life who sat down and had a conversation with me – two people getting to know each other with real feelings, real moments, and real laughter. No phones or judgement. I think we all need that someone who is willing to go deeper.”