Isador debuts new video for “Jungle”

Isador is the multimedia project of Queens-based artist Warren Heller. Today he releases his new video for “Jungle.”

“I was incredibly bored growing up in New Jersey. I didn’t connect with anything or anyone at school. I couldn’t find anyone interested in the things I was interested in; I was stranded. Music became my escape. I would stay up all night creating these crap beats, reading and watching everything I could to learn about music production.”

The now 22 year-old Heller weaves together music, film, photography, and design to portray of coming of age in a hostile world, overcoming limitations both externally imposed and involuntarily self-inflicted. Layering introspective lyrics with thumping bass and often sweeping orchestral arrangements he lifts the curtain on his own struggles in order to work through them.

In our increasingly uncertain age of crumbling established wisdom, it’s hard not to relate.

Explaining the visuals, for Jungle, Isador noted- “For this video we tried to build a kind of sci-fi world to capture the conflicted feelings that inspired the song. It’s about the paradoxical crossroads that the music industry (and by extension every industry) puts you in: you have to avoid the machinery that tries to exploit you you and your passion, but also have to work with it enough to survive. To highlight the cyclical, difficult-to-escape nature of it, we shot most of the video in reverse.”