Gentlemen and Scholars – ‘Cruisin”

Gentlemen and Scholars are another bright star, shining the sky of rock and roll genre of music. After the enormous success of ” The Record, The Keepsake, And The Thief”, ”The Fault”, ”Bad Apples”, in 2017, they have launched another rich music album, ”Revelry”. ”Revelry” starts out with the electrifying Blues riff, but one single soundtrack, titled ”Cruisin”, has caught the attention of the audience the most, among the other songs of the band’s latest offering. Amidst the presence of the authentic rock and roll in ”Revelry”, it is ‘‘Cruisin’’ that is coming again in the minds of the audience. Everything from musical presentation to the matchless performance, ”Cruisin” evokes some kind of nostalgic sentiment and emotion of raw energy, illuminating the flames of passion.

”Cruisin” plays out in the middle of ”Revelry”, and it would not be right if the audience judges the song as a pure rock and roll content. For, it sounds like a mixture of indie rock, Blues-rock, indie, and the classic rock and roll. The sound of the song may take the audience a few decades back, but it seems very refreshing and innovative. The track contains the Gentlemen and Scholars signature melody and comes out in the most obvious entertaining way. Gentlemen And Scholars have poured extreme energy and passion into ”Cruisin” that can be easily multiplied in a live show.

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What makes this soundtrack unique is the recording style Gentlemen and Scholars came into. It feels like you are playing an old record in a modern style, and this innovative presentation doesn’t make the listening experience blunt. Just turn up the volume, you will feel like cruising down the road, and the music will wrap you around.

The hard-hitting of the drums, the electrifying guitar riffs, energized vocal, do not make the song sound loud, but altogether they turn the soundtrack into an energy drink. Some parts of it encourage the listener to go on a comfortable trip, down through the memory lane, to find out the earlier simple terms of life. Overall, the lyrics and the instrumentation go hands in hands to get back the audience the long-lost tranquil of mind.
If the audience digs out ”Cruisin” and other soundtracks of ”Revelry”, they will find that it is the heat of passion that lies in the heart of Gentlemen and Scholars’ musical craftsmanship. The impressive musical craftsmanship, sound-effective instrumentation, powerful vocal, stylish guitar riffs, bass line, are all the fundamental creative perspectives, that help the song to shine itself and make ”Revelry” glow.

From the beginning to the end, ”Cruisin” remains progressive, leaving the audience jawed open and thinking, what comes the next. The vocals and instrumentals never lose the link or touch, working between them. The song seems like a compact presentation of thought-provoking lyrics, idea, exuberant instrumentation, and powerful vocals.

”Cruisin”, is catchy, enjoyable, and fun; it contains all the elements that can make a song great and glowing among the other masterpiece of rock and roll. It is a stunning soundtrack of a great rock and roll band to discover.

– Eva Thorns