The Top Places on Earth Where Man Has Never Set Foot

So many people around the world love traveling. There are even those who sell all their possessions so that they can travel the world, see new places, try new things and get a whole lot of new experience. Some people have even gone to the extent of visiting every country they could possibly visit in this world. But in as much as you may have the desire to visit all the places you possibly can in this world, there are certain destinations that will simply be out of bounds.

This is because they are too remote from civilization and it would be a great pain to access them, or they are too dangerous and visiting them will pose a direct threat to your life. As such, you will only read about them and see them in photos, but you will never set your foot on them. Here is a look at some of those destinations in various countries around the globe-:

Easter Islands in Chile

Chile is an incredible destination for many tourists. The people, culture, beaches and other tourist attractions are amazing by all standards. However, there is one place in Chile that people hardly visit, the Easter Islands. The island is located nearly 2000 miles off the Chilean Coast. The place is completely isolated due to the vast Pacific Ocean and it is believed that there are about 4000 people inhabiting the island. You can imagine that due to the isolation, there are no basic amenities you would expect in a decent dwelling place and the way of life here is still rudimentary by the very definition of the word. I guess it would the last place you would head to after going for online passport renewal.

Daintree National Park in Australia

Australia is another hot tourist destination and if at all you have gone for online passport renewal for a trip to this magical country, then you should be warned that with all the many tourist attractions you will be able to visit, Daintree National Park will remain prohibited. The parks are in Far North Queensland. It comprises of an ancient rainforest and it largely remains untouched. Its ecosystems are believed to be the oldest in the entire planet and it has a vast collection of flora and fauna that can only be found in the park alone in the entire world. Some of them are over 2,500 years old, with thousands of them extinct. To preserve the biodiversity of the region and the species, the park is simply out of bounds for everyone.

La Rinconada in Peru

Peru is another great destination frequently traveled by tourists from all corners of the world. But with all the places you can visit, we can bet that La Rinconada will not be one of them. It is a small mining town located in the Peruvian Andes and it has the reputation of being one of the most inaccessible places in entire South America. It also has the reputation of being the highest city on the planet, sitting pretty at an altitude of 17,000 feet above the mean sea level.

The entire city is always covered by frozen glaciers and the only way to access it is by a truck that will take you through long, winded and dangerous routes meandering between the mountain cliffs. It can take several days to reach the city, and along the way, there are possibilities of getting sick due to the altitude, and you could be completely stranded since getting medical help will not be easy under such circumstances. However, the place is still the home to some 30,000 people who have crafted a career out of mining.

Papa New Guinea

This is one of the places that very few men have ventured in and it still has a lot to be explored in terms of plant and animal species. It is a place at the heart of a jungle, and to access the region, you have to go through very rugged and dangerous terrains and you could take up to several weeks from the nearest civilization. The place has no infrastructure or developments and this has made it even more difficult to access. However, the natives there love their life and don’t want to be bothered by your modernity. Perhaps it would be a good idea if you just leave them alone.

Kerguelen Islands

The Kerguelen Islands are in the southern parts of the Indian Ocean and it is also known as the desolate island because it is miles and miles away from human civilization. If you have the guts to actually visit the island, then you should be prepared for a six-day boat ride from Reunion and be prepared to endure some harsh weather conditions along the way. There is no airstrip and so there is no way you could fly in and just like other remote places like Antarctica, there are no natives living on the island. If you manage to get there, however, expect to find a few French engineers and scientists conducting some research.

McMurdo Station in Antarctica

Antarctica happens to be one of the most remote places on the planet and it is literally at the bottom of the world. The weather is pretty harsh throughout the year, and there are no natives living there. You can thus expect to find no electricity, running water, and any amenity you would expect for a decent living. If you can survive like a penguin, then probably you can think about visiting the place, but if you are ready to endure the treacherous journey of getting there.

The place is primarily a research center and one of the most notable ones is McMurdo Station in Rose Island. The station is an international research center and it is located right at the northern tip of planet Earth. The region is completely frozen, and the only people who are allowed to be there are the scientists who only go there when it is summer. The journey to the center would normally take months, but thanks to improved technology, it will now take a few weeks, but you will have to go through at least three remote airstrips before you finally reach your destination. Good luck if it happens to be on your bucket list.