Can you learn to play the guitar from books?

To many, music is a way of life. It flows out naturally, and they often master more than one instrument by the time they are in their late teens. For others, music is an acquired passion, and they often find themselves looking for reliable music lessons when they are much older. Thankfully, there is no age bar when it comes to learning to play the guitar. From 6-year-old kids to 60-year-old youngsters, anyone can learn to play this amazing instrument.

Learning any instrument depends on the right guidance

This brings us to the next point – finding the right guidance for your Gitarre lernen. Many of us do not find the time to go and take guitar lessons personally. For others, it might be a financial constraint since personal lessons can be a tad bit costly. At this moment you might be wondering why we are not mentioning anything about learning an instrument from books. Well, that’s because for beginners it simply doesn’t work. According to Trusty Guitar experts, each guitarist has their style of handling their instrument and creating their comfort zone. While some of us might try to replicate the styles of our favorites like Slash or Steve Vai from watching their YouTube videos endlessly, it is impossible to pick up the basics of playing music from books.

Why are books not the best guitar teacher for you?

Books do not work as the best learning medium for obvious reasons. Music is an audible form of art. While mimicking the hand gestures, facial expressions and movements of your favorite stars cannot teach you how to play the right cords, neither can reading a book about music. It might give you an idea about music theory, and it can teach you about the popularity of a genre, but it will never be able to give you feedback on your progress.

For example – say there’s a section in the book about an I-IV-V chord progression. You have been trying to perfect it for the last couple of weeks now. However, how do you know if you have it right? Who will tell you if you are in tune? Unless you have a perfect pitch (only 1 in 10,000 people have perfect pitch), you will find it impossible to imagine the sound perfectly and understand if you are playing it correctly. This emphasizes the need of an experienced teacher, who can give you unbiased feedback.

How to find a rewarding learning experience?

A good guitar teacher is also a good listener. That’s the reason almost all recommended YouTube guitar learning videos have so many responses with links to followers’ performances. YouTube teachers often listen to their followers and give them useful tips about their playing styles. All websites that offer good guitar lessons often rely on interactive processes to help the learners improve over time.