1. Make an event hashtag

Social media today has taken over events in this decade, and any smart event organizer should incorporate it into their marketing plan to make the most use of it. Tweeting about an event before it happens and making a hashtag of it builds anticipation as more and more people see and share. This will add some sense of adventure to the event, as people of all ages and backgrounds will be in attendance bringing a lot of chat and enjoyment to the event. The use of an exciting hashtag will also increase the popularity of an event, such that when a follow-up event is organized, the event planners can expect a bigger turn-up.

2. Hire a comedian

As they say, laughter is the best medicine, and this does apply to any event. Having a crowd cheering and laughing can liven up an event regardless of the function being carried out. For this, consider hiring a stand-up comedian or a comedy group, who will be able to keep the crowd breathless with laughter, making the event lively. It does not even have to be a professional comedian, a member of the crowd known for their wit can be called upon to entertain the crowd, making it a fun event at the end of the day. This will also encourage networking among the crowd, which may be beneficial in case of an official event.

3. Incorporate music

Other than comedy, music is another well-established form of entertainment for any event. Music from a DJ or a live band will be sure to keep the crowd on their feet, singing along or dancing to the music being played. For a young crowd, opt for a DJ who will be able to play the latest songs that the young generation are listening to and this will keep them entertained throughout the event. For an older crowd, however, opt for a calmer approach. Hire a rock, jazz or blues band who will play calming music to the audience. Also, have a dance floor where the guests can stretch their legs. For residents of Brisbane, Australia, look out for current Brisbane bands for hire, who will be able to keep your guests happy and entertained throughout your event.

4. Give gifts

Giving gifts and mementoes at an event is a sure way to keep the guests reminiscing about the fun they had at the event. Furthermore, consider adding a competition at the event, a fun one, in which the winners get something significant to take home with them. This will increase the fun factor of the event as the crowd goes head to head to win. Both the winners and the participators will go home having had fun at the event.

5. Make food attractive

Many events go with a buffet or a standard plated meal as the standard for mealtimes. This makes all events look similar and sort of bland. To prevent this, go out of your comfort zone and have a do-it-yourself stand, where the guests can make their own hamburgers, hotdogs or even tacos. Have several food bars so that the guests can be entertained as they are more involved in their food choices.