Four Board Games That Boost Your IQ

One of the best ways to unwind after a long day’s work is by playing a board game like target darts. It doesn’t take much to set up while also being very convenient. For example, you can carry it with you wherever you go. You can even take it to work to indulge your colleges during lunch break. While playing video games may be considered more fun, with board games, you have the added advantage of improving your thinking and boosting your overall IQ. With that being said, you cannot really play all the board games. Honestly, they are way too many, and some of them might be too boring for you. Find about three or four that you are totally comfortable with, and you can’t help but enjoy. How about these ones:


If you want to improve your language and communication skills, scrabble will do that for you. Scrabble is the most common of them all, and it comes with a very diverse dictionary. You will be able to learn complex English words that you never knew existed. It will also sharpen your thinking because you have to come up with new creative ways to formulate new words from existing words and also make certain words fit together. With time, you will find yourself being more articulate and better at expressing yourself both verbally and in writing. Whats more? Scrabble can be as fun as video games, just visit for a list of other board games.

Rubik’s Cube

If you want to keep your brain on high alert every single time, carry around a Rubik’s cube with you. First of all, being able to solve it successfully is enough to give you bragging rights amongst your peers and colleges. Not many people can do it. A Rubik’s cube keeps your mind on its toes. You have to constantly think of how you can make the colors match. Your hand to eye coordination will also be greatly improved. Speed is also of the essence so within a period of time; your brain will be able to process information faster.


Risk is one of the most exciting board games. It is also one of the most advanced meaning your brain will have to be stretched to its limits. Risk is a game of strategy. It is a game of strategic warfare, and if you don’t make the right decision, you could fail. You have to think fast and think critically. The most important knowledge you will gain is that every decision has consequences.


Now, to the mother of all smart games; chess. Some the most brilliant minds to ever exist were known to be great chess players. Chess is so popular that it has a World Championship tournament. Chess exploits all areas of your brain. You have to be smart; you have to take risks, you have to also be cautious, you have to study your opponent and most important of all, you have to be fast. In general, you have to be able to come up with a full-proof strategy and make the best move in the shortest amount of time possible.