RAR – ‘Worried About You (Featuring: J Burney)’

RAR’s “Worried About You” goes for a summery R&B style with fresh passionate vocals from J. Burney. Crisp beats add to the infectious poppy quality of the entire piece, with neon-hued synthesizer weaving in and out of the mix. Best of all the lyricism reflects upon a tenderness, a compassionate caring for another. The buildup of the track gives it a near physicality to it, one that swirls about with a tremendous amount of energy. Grooves go for a warm inviting presence paired wonderfully with a stately melody that helps to lead the entire song forward. Little flourishes add to the overall joy of the track while RAR draws from artists like Toro Y Moi and Neon Indian, both purveyors of a unique take on R&B.

Looped vocals introduce the track on a high note. From this small whirring the voice enters into the mix with the utmost of care. Details comes into full focus for RAR ensures that every moment is carefully considered. Beats hit particularly hard while they have an emotionally charged resonance to them. Nearly dreamy at times the first third of the song feels more atmospheric. Gradually this attention shifts into a driving rhythm, one that references EDM and dub in equal doses. For the latter half everything goes into overdrive, showing its true heart.


With “Worried About You” RAR sculpt a perfect piece of pop, one that reflects the powerful emotive voice of J. Burney while displaying the importance of a deeply felt relationship.