Opening a Vape Shop

It’s no secret that vaping is the next big thing. Vaping is preferred by many to traditional cigarettes, and for multiple reasons. Vapor doesn’t linger as harmful second-hand smoke. Vapes don’t contain as many chemicals as traditional cigarettes. Vapes not only smell a heck of a lot better, but they come in multiple flavors. If it’s sweet and delicious, it’s probably an e-juice option. Plus, with increasing options for personalizing vape mods, a person’s vape mod can be a reflection of his or her personality. It’s a trend for a reason, and it’s unlikely that vaping will go out of popularity anytime soon.

If you’re interested in getting in the on ground floor of this new movement, you can consider opening your own vape shop. Vape shops have their own style and vibe, and we’ll give you a hint–it’s nothing like a shady corner tobacco store. If you’d like to open your own vape shop business, check out these tips for success.

Have Variety

Variety is what will keep customers coming back. If they know you’ve got a huge selection, they’ll come first to you when looking for a new product. Plus, just knowing that you’ve got a wide selection of e-juice flavors will keep them coming back to test them. Whenever possible, keep your store stocked with a wide selection. Buy wholesale vaping supplies online, and keep looking for new inventory.

Be Friendly

Remember what we said earlier about this not being a shady tobacco store? Rather than a grouchy old man behind the counter, hire a team of friendly, knowledgeable staff. They should mingle with the shoppers, chatting and sharing fun facts about the products. The more they know, the more they’ll be able to get customers interested. Your store should have an open, clean, exciting vibe, and filling it with a high-energy, friendly sales team will help make your store a great experience.

Have Personality

Once of the charms of vaping is its customization. Your store should reflect that emphasis on personality. In other words, your store should have its own energy, its own look–its own personality. It should feel like its own world, a fascinating escape into all the different things a vape shop offers. As much as you can bring flair, color schemes, lighting, and fragrance into your store, go for it. The more charisma the better. Take extra effort on the design of your shop, getting canvas prints to hang around the store, and choosing the right background music. Don’t just create a store–create an experience.

Pick Right

Last but not least, location will have a hand in your success. Vape shops need to be near those buying, so gentrifying neighborhoods, and stores near college campuses are both great places to get started. You also need to carefully plan a budget and stick to it, as one of your heaviest costs will be rent. Find a balance between location and rent, and once you’ve got the perfect vape shop spot… the rest will be history.