4 Great Ways to Improve Your Car’s Sound System

There is something thrilling about adding a soundtrack to your every ride. It makes the experience more exciting, even if it is just the daily commute we are talking about. However, the sound coming from the stereo can sometimes be fairly annoying. This makes us thankful for the traffic noise around us which can cover the bad sound quality. Luckily, there are ways of sorting both of these out and getting a fine melody instead of noise in your car.

Old or new, there is a way

Unless you specifically shop for a car with a premium sound package, the chances are that you will not be fully satisfied with the sound your new car has to offer. The audio system is probably satisfactory and you will not have any complaints if you are the type of person who listens to the radio news on their way to work. However, since you are actually reading this, you are looking for more than that. Luckily for you, with very little work you can get the sound you wanted to match your new car.

When it comes to your loyal old friend, you are most likely listening to its faults every time you go for a ride. You can hear the way its crackling, the muffled sound your audio produces and hear and feel the bass vibrations. When it comes to this you can opt to either replace the individual parts of the audio system one by one, or you can get a whole new system to replace the old one and eliminate it entirely.

Purchase new speakers

Let’s start with the basics, the first thing you should replace is the speakers. Set the budget for this upgrade and work within it to get the best quality of sound you possibly can, at least the portion of it which depends on the speakers. There is a variety of speakers you can by in different sizes, abilities, and capacities, as well as different brands. Do some research and shop around to find exactly what you need and at the best price possible.

The best solution is probably finding speakers of the same size as the ones you already have. Place them in the same position as your current speakers. Simply put, replace the ones you already have with the new ones. Depending on what you want and where you want them, additional speakers could make the process more complex.

The style and the material of the speakers

Whichever speakers you end up selecting, make sure they do not stick out. They should definitely stand out for the sound they produce but they should also match the style of the car and the overall interior. If you are addicted to bass, you should go through the trouble of finding the best woofer cones out there. The materials the cones can be made of vary as designers are trying to find the one extremely stiff and light which is also able to instantly start and stop. The perfection hasn’t been achieved as yet but the manufacturers are most frequently using plastic and paper for making cones, and less commonly wood, ceramics, and Kevlar. Look into different tweeters for higher notes. They are usually made of silk metal, titanium, and aluminum. It is up to you to find the perfect combination.

Get a new in-dash unit

This is a piece of advice for those who want to upgrade the sound system of an older car. The chances are that the radio unit is also an older one and it is not capable of producing high-quality clean, clear sound. It is pointless recommending a specific device as there are so many. Look for the best one in your price range. Reading reviews and specifications could give you a hint and help you choose. Make sure it has everything you need it to have. For example, do not forget the USB or Bluetooth feature, if you do, you will probably have to get something in lines of an FM transmitter which is plugged into your car-charger socket. It may work well for some, but it is not fully reliable as it can lose reception.

Install sound deadening material

Materials such as Dynamat and its replacements can make up for the weakness of your door panel. You can place them on the panel to stop or soften the vibrations and provide stability for your speakers. Apart from the vibrations, these materials are also used as insulation for soundproofing your car. If you do not know how to do this, ask professionals for help. Auto Mechanics and body shops can do these sound-related repairs for you. This way, the level of exterior noise inside the car will be significantly lower and you will be able to hear your music clearly and have less need for increasing the volume.

Adding a woofer and an amplifier

This is what you need in order to add more power to the system. Get a separate amplifier as the one built-in will never be able to achieve the same peak power and with ease. The difference between the sound qualities of the two cannot be measured. Similarly to that, you need a separate woofer. The key is in the box which is supposed to be sealed unless you have a sub which goes in a ported box. This fact, along with the appropriate interior volume, is crucial for getting the right sound.

With a little effort and the right attitude, you can find bits and pieces required to improve your sound system at any price you find affordable. Sometimes you can even look for used equipment as that could get you a good deal, as long as you are certain that what you find is still in a good shape.