Joe Jermano – “Reaching For Clouds”

Reaching for clouds is an innovative creation having a rare combination of melancholy and hope by Joe Jermano. Listen to the music today.

Joe Jermano is a renowned singer, song composer, and guitarist who had been ruling the limelight for many years now. Drawing inspiration from the basic notes of classic rock and Jazz, Joe blends the tunes of both the genres to design a unique melodious style. Proficient with the guitar, his songs make an unusual journey with mesmerizing guitar riffs and impressive musical expression. His recently released single ‘Reaching For Clouds’ from the album, ‘Dreaming in Color’ reflects the amount of effort and passion that he puts into all his amazing creations.

Joe had released his debut album, ‘All Seems Quiet’ in December 2014 which has marked his rising career in this musical world. His other endeavors like his previous albums ‘The People Inside’ and ‘My Every Move’ has further established his talent in creating heart-touching melodies. A native of Detroit area, Joe, and his wife take care of their paralyzed daughter Mia, who had met with a car accident at a tender age of three. Sharing the pain and longing for his daughter, Joe crafts his creations on the themes of love and loss.

The new single ‘Reaching For Clouds’ is another mesmerizing track from his newly released album, Dreaming in Color. Trained under jazz guitarist Len Braunling, this track showcases his explicit guitar skills while it weaves this provoking story of love and yearning. With an electrifying guitar section in the opening, the song takes a gradual journey of competence and motivation. Joe sings in an amazingly powerful voice and depicts his confidence with every single word he delivers. Pertaining to the theme, the lyrics of the song can give goosebumps to anyone who hears.

‘There is no explanation for the things in my mind’ takes the track to a completely new level. Having a degree in audio recording at the Columbia School of Music in Chicago, Joe records the song with the best quality features. The powerful lyrics clearly showcase his personal pain and experience which undoubtedly could engage the audience in the motivational journey of hope and belief. Joe has worked on modulating the sounds to synchronize well with the basic environment of the album. The psychedelic sound, in the beginning, helps the listener to imagine the visual story that the song projects eventually.

The song collaborates the various shades of life into a beautiful journey of melodious harmony. Life never travels smooth but every time it pricks, it enlightens the future path with the light of positivity and confidence. As the intriguing chorus beautifully synchronizes with the verses of the song the intensity of the song further enriches with its charming tunes. The digital effect on the song is kept minimal to enhance the effect of the lyrics on the audience.

Joe Jermano is a competent singer and with this new single he marks the extent of his passion for good music. Completely immersed in the meaningful lyrics, he uses his tuned vocal to take the song to a very high notch. Just like his previous collections, this song will also motivate and encourage many brave hearts to relinquish the joys of life through every blemished edge and corner.

–Jessica Smith