New Video By Kevin Tiah “Beneath The Sea”

Why not have some of everything? That’s what multi-genre artist Kevin Tiah from Sydney, Australia aims for. Talented in genres like pop punk, R&B, and rap, as we’ve seen from his previous videos, this multitalented musician and songwriter now tackles post-hardcore with his brand new single “Beneath the Sea.”

This isn’t Kevin Tiah’s first time dabbling in a heavier rock genre. Before his romantic piano ballad “Fight For You,” which he released back in March, he was clad in leather vests and shredding on electric guitars, fully ensconced in the lifestyle of a diehard metalhead. It seems like this versatile musician is reaching back to his roots with this new video for “Beneath the Sea.”

This heavy-hitting clip was directed by Timothy May, the same director behind Kevin’s previous video “Fight For You.” The video features Kevin backed up by his talented black-clad band performing in an empty warehouse. The grungy, off-white open space seems like a matured step-up from band practice in the garage. Kevin’s voice is like a storm of energy, merging screams and growls from the metalcore genre, along with melodic pop-punk elements.