Few Interesting Things To Know About Google Algorithm Update

The recent updates made by Google in their algorithm have confirmed the speculations which were being made by the experts from the search engine industry. The updates are leading to significant changes in the ranking system of the SERPs. In this regard, a spokesperson from Google told to the media that they have released a number of minor but effective improvements, which is basically a part of their regular and timely efforts; and, the purpose behind these updates is to enhance the relevancy of the search results.

In this regard, if we talk about the analysis of the updates being made, the early signs hint towards the aspect of providing a better experience to the online users. If we take into consideration the changes that have happened in six different countries, it would not be wrong to say that more or less 15 features have been upgraded so far. The SERP features we are talking about are related to AMP and HTTPS.

As a matter of fact, some industries witness more changes when compared to the others, even on daily basis. High level of competition is one such example. Hence, at the time of making an analysis of the SERP changes made, it is important to consider the niche of the industry. In this way, it becomes easier to measure the volatility spikes in regard to the normal score of the industries.

As per the past records, it has been seen that the chances of SERP volatility remain quite low during the month of December. The reason behind this behavior of Google can be related to minimizing the probable impact right before the big vacations. However, it was quite surprising for everyone as something occurred around 14th of December, and is was related to the Maccabees update. It is being also called as the pre-holiday update.

Talking more about the updates, it can be seen that the SERP volatility is more for the mobile in comparison to that of desktop. In addition, Law & Government and Autos & Vehicles were the most affected industries.  However, with the passage of time, few more industries have also come into the radar, such as jobs, education, internet, science, telecom, leisure, garden, hobbies, etc.

No doubt, it would be too early to comment anything on this matter. In the coming days it would be easier to comment about how to get acclimatize to the changes. However, few new tweaks and updates have already been rolled out around 20th of December. As time will pass, the updates will make their way to rest parts of the world as well.

As per the experts, the initial look of the new changes seems more like the usual Phantom and Panda symptoms. Nevertheless, it has not happened on a large systematic scale. A lot of websites have lost visibility in this regard, as they did not have much idea on the updates that have come into play. So, knowing about the Google algorithm news is really important here.

Author: Rahul Ghundiyal is 4 years experienced person and CEO of RNGSEO. He loves his area of expertise and do work within his limits. Well Graduated Guy and looks to do good research while writing.