Austin David New Video “Find Me A New Way”

It could be the beautiful weather, or the beautiful people, or the constant presence of creative endeavors. Whatever the reason, Southern California continues to lure artists across the country, promising adventure, community, and nonstop fun. The latest outstanding songwriter to make the trip – from frosty Michigan, no less – is Austin David, and he’s brought with him a genre-straddling, convention-defying, irresistibly exciting pop song that takes relocation and the growth that comes with it as its subject. “Find Me A New Way” is three minutes of pure California party music at its best, and it’s sure to establish Austin David as a performer to watch. We’d say that it isn’t too late in the summer for a song like this, but the truth is, whenever “Find Me A New Way” is playing, the sun is shining.

Why are we so confident? It’s because “Find Me A New Way” has everything that makes modern California pop a commercial and creative force: an instantly-winning melody inspired by ‘80s and ‘90s classics, an inspirational lyric that doubles as a call to the dancefloor, a winning, impassioned, rhythmically compelling vocal performance by Austin David, and production that nods to – but is not defined by – EDM. This is a track that demands visual accompaniment, and director Chad Schollmeyer has paired it with a clip that underscores its strengths and amplifies its feel-good mood. Schollmeyer, like David, is a new face in California pop; also like David, he’s got the talent that’s bound to get him noticed. Nothing raw about that talent, either – these two artists arrive fully developed and ready to thrill the pop audience.

Just like the song, the video for “Find Me A New Way” emphasizes the liberating effect of transitions. In Schollmeyer’s clip, we never know exactly where we are: on a ranch?, near the beach?, at a villa on a Caribbean island? The scene changes happen seamlessly, just as Austin David’s on-camera quick-changes – manually assisted by a trio of female dancers – seem to defy limitations of time and space. One thing is always true, though: wherever Austin David and his friends go, the sun is always shining, and a party is right around the corner. Sometimes it’s the dancers who bring the celebration – one complete with streamers and confetti blown at the camera. More often, it’s Austin David himself, whose exuberance and joy fill every frame.