Dr. C & The Gris Gris – ‘Graveyard Dog’

Dr. C & The Gris Gris nicely blend together the blues, garage rock, and country into a satisfying whole on “Graveyard Dog”. With a literal shaggy dog approach the song’s hazy dazed atmosphere works wonders. Lyrics have a playful quality to them. Proving to be more than qualified storytellers everything comes together creating a compelling intricate narrative throughout the entire piece. Rhythms go for a low-key, nimble approach. Best of all the guitar work covers a wide territory, going from gentle gestures to outright bombast. In fact, over the course of the song the group shows off their impressive chops, as the guitar work feels emotionally charged, full of heart.

Things slide into the casual groove quite quickly. From the multi-faceted, multi-layered approach the song evolves in a fantastic, colorful way. Elements of distortion are right at the periphery of the sound. When the track bursts forth in a tremendous stream of color it feels so cathartic. Vocals have a tenderness to them while they unfurl with such clarity. Letting everything explore the joy of togetherness, the way that creatures find such comfort with each other, gives it a downright joy and happiness to it. For the latter half of the piece the group creates a sense of majesty to it letting everything build up until they finally let loose for the final stretch.


With “Graveyard Dog” Dr. C & The Gris Gris sculpt a warm, inviting world.