Swirl – ‘The Lift’

Swirl delves into a triumphant thankful spirit on the stellar rollicking world of “The Lift”. From the commanding vocals to the driving rhythms, everything possesses a joyous, downright celebratory spirit. Throughout the song Swirl prove to have a fine ear for melody, with infectious riffs that linger in the mind. Everything simply comes together in a colorful kaleidoscopic whole. Drawing from a wide range of styles from classic to hard rock, the track positively teems with life. Lyrics focus upon the care for others, of how people can lift each other up by working together. Over the course of the piece everything becomes readily apparent.

Powerful guitars introduce the piece. Upon the drums coming into the fray everything starts with such muscle. Distortion works wonders in giving the song a physicality of sorts. Carefully crafted the riffs appear to punctuate the piece’s message. Rather jubilant, everything rushes by in such a glorious blur of color. Letting a little bit of wildness into the proceedings means that the guitars occasionally show off their own independence, flirting with a full-on solo. Nicely balanced on the groove all else flows from it. About halfway through Swirl lets it all break down in a most gorgeous way, letting the guitars speak for a little while before building it all up into a fantastic cinematic climax of sound.


“The Lift” shows of Swirl’s impressive chops in creating a world that feels so vital and so real.

By Beach Sloth