Electronic music sensation Wingtip–aka Nicholas Perloff-Giles–releases his new single “Space For Us” [feat. Youngr] via Casablanca Records.

Of song, Wingtip said, “This is my first song since ‘Rewind’ I wrote on my own – it was a really cool experience to step back from the world of co-writes and explore expressing exclusively a perspective of my own. Hearing Youngr take the words I just had in my head and give them so much life and punch was amazing – I owe him a ton for making this song what it is.”

Youngr added, “I heard this song and instantly fell in love with the groove and the emotion in it all. And of course, the bass slapping. Anything with bass slapping, I’m IN. I recorded some extra live drums and a few guitar licks, sent them back to the main man and he made them sound delicious. Super excited about this record coming out, it’ll be my first official feature.”