Are You Getting a Dog Soon? Here’s What You Need

When you consider the companionship dogs can bring to your life, it is no wonder that you decided to keep one. On the contrary, if you do not own one but would like to, there are many benefits. Dogs are loyal animals that help keep your temperament down. Besides, canine friends love to play meaning they will keep everyone in your home happy.

For you to enjoy the companionship, you must take good care of the animal. Here are six things you need to do to enhance your pet’s comfort and safety.

Fence off your property

Dogs love freedom to roam about and play. From time to time, you will have to let your canine friend loose. In that case, you need to erect a fence to prevent the animal from wandering off. Besides, dogs are highly intelligent and can always figure out ways of escaping. A fence also prevents other animals from getting into your compound.

Get a comfortable bed

Your choice of bed will depend on your taste as well as budget. If you are running low on funds, you could find a box made of cardboard and stuff it up with towels. Alternatively, you can find a wash basin that you hardly use. Trim it to size, put in a piece of mattress and an old blanket. With enough money to spend, visit your nearest dog store and buy a fancy bed.


A well-groomed dog leads a healthy life and bonds well with its owners. Make a schedule that caters for, among others:

•Cleaning its teeth
•Trimming of nails
•Regular bathing
•Brushing its hair

Besides body hygiene, you need to feed your pet on a balance diet. SimpleWag has some highly insightful tips on dog nutrition.

Find an appropriate collar

Harnessing your dog helps keep it under control. On the other hand, collars make it easy to find the pet. While searching for the ideal harness, go for one that is not tight around the animal’s neck. The collar should allow you space that can accommodate one or two fingers between the harness and the dog’s neck.

Build a dog pen

The size and nature of the structure will vary depending on whether the dog stays indoors most of the time or it is purely for guarding purposes. Nonetheless, make a point of allowing your animal to spend some time in the enclosure. Besides, a portable pen always comes in handy when the family is on travel.
Provide feeding bowls

Just like their human handlers, dogs need to feed and drink. Two bowls will suffice, with one being for water and the other for meals. Look for bowls made from sturdy material such as stainless steel or plastic. You could also opt for ceramic but you must keep the container in a place where the dog cannot break it.

Ultimately, fences protect your dog from straying and prevent stranger pets from getting into your property. Give your dog a nice bed, clean them regularly and put a collar round their neck. Do not forget to erect an exercise pen and get your pet bowls for food and water.