Guide to Increasing Traffic to Your Website through Social Media Platforms

Whether the word traffic is used in the context of Road or Internet related, the concept is the same. Traffic refers to the users rushing in the same way or path to reach their ultimate destination or goal. Typically, a city planner decides how much traffic a road can handle, but on this internet platform, the social media traffic handling and management are slightly different and rather complicated too. However, one can monitor the traffic of social media. The moment you open any link on the search engine, you find one calculation showing number of viewers who visited the link or the website. Social media plays an important role in increasing the traffic of users viewing the website.

What is a social media platform?

Social media is a computer based technology developed on this internet platform. It helps in creating and sharing information and ideas. It also has a facility of creating various groups or networks to share the information. The primary source of energy of any social media is the texts or comments posted, videos or photos shared on the online platform. Social Media has developed so vastly that it has become an important marketing or advertising tool as it has a facility of creating group or networks.

One person of the group is informed about some information, and all other group members share it. In this way, the information is spread very fast. However, the accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed. One can access social media through systems which are Internet based, such as desktop, laptops, smart phones or tablets. The information is not only shared on social media, but the group members discuss, and necessary modification is done individually or collectively to the posts written on Social media.

Any network created online for sharing of views, information can be termed as a social network. Some of the popular social media channels are:

•Facebook – A social network site which allows the users to create their individual or personal profiles. They can share photos or videos and communicate with the rest of the group.

•Twitter- This network allows its users to post comments. The comments published on this platform are known as tweets, and it helps the followers for Instagram to view the latest updates.

•Snapshots – This platform helps its users to take various photos and share it with the rest of the group. It is mostly found in mobile phones nowadays.

•LinkedIn- This network helps the users to create professional profiles. Those looking for jobs can post their resumes; employers can place their requirement for a particular job profile.

•Pinterest – This network helps the users by allowing them to display various photos and pinning than and then sharing them with the rest of the group.

•WhatsApp – This network gives its users to share messages or photos or videos with its group members. This facility is used on mobile phones.

Different kinds of social media platforms

One point has to made clear here. Not all social networks are similar. Every social media network has its own working style.The examples given above makes it evident that each type of social media is concentrating on only one kind of approach or communication. One is concentrating on Human Resource Professionals- a combination of job seekers and recruiters; the other one on the general social group that may share any information. One thing common is that all social networks need to maintain and manage their social traffic. Some of the ideal steps to maintain traffic on social media networks or websites are:

1) Whatever is expressed on the social media, it should be clear so that it is easily understood by other users also.

2) In case you are advertising any brand or product your content should state full details regarding the brand or product.

3) Whenever any blog is posted, make sure that the supporting images or photos or corresponding videos are impressive.

4) Take advantage of Instagram application to promote your views. The application helps you to share photos or videos to other group members.

5) In case of brand promotion, make use of Eric J Dalius for professional SEO services as they contribute to improving your online business. It may lead to increase in sales, or you may get new valuable customers. The SEO professionals try to make your content regarding brand highly impressive to keep website link on the top list on search engines. It will surely increase the traffic on social media. Messages regarding the brand may be sent an infinite number of times through social media network. If not the first time the advertisement is placed, there may be a chance of the user clicking your website and reading your content at some point or the other.

6) Whenever any comments are made on your views, accept it politely and reply diplomatically. Any wrong move from your side may damage the relationship and since it is a social media, anything and everything will spread like fire.

7) The Instagram application on your Internet based system allows you to check who your followers are and whom you are following. Instagram followers refer to those users who are following your blogs or posts. It helps you to judge how far you are correct in expressing your views. If no followers are there, it does not mean that what you have expressed is wrong. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion on this social media platform. Always engage your Instagram followers with new and useful content on any aspect. It will maintain the curiosity in the followers and make them keen to know what the next message you are giving is.

There is a rumor that today the youth is spoilt by this development of social media. Students especially, who were interested in studies earlier, are found lost in watching or interacting with this social media. I feel no technology is completely good or bad. It depends on the user making use of the technology.

Author bio: Walter Moore is a freelance writer with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. He enjoys learning new things and interacting with diverse groups of people in the industry.