GaBso – ‘Made Me Wanna Change My Name’

GaBso represents the best of R&B, EDM, and pop with the passionate performance of “Made Me Wanna Change My Name”. His emotive voices rest at the center of the sound. Beats are crafted with care, crisp and nimble. Melodies waft throughout the collection, neatly combining their pop leanings with an EDM level of power. Lyrics add to the overall feeling of the sound as these are songs that trace the many twists and turns of a relationship.

Setting the scene for the sound is the incredible work of “All In My Hand”. Layer upon layer of sound come together in an almost theatrical kind of way. The sounds show great flexibility as they settle into a compelling complete groove. Channeling a classic rock sound is the colorful work of “Where I’ll Put My Shoes”. Quite dreamy in temperament the song is a soothing wash of sound. How the song builds up into a tech house workout is quite masterful. Easily the highlight of the collection the way the song unfolds gives it a timeless quality to it. Quite colorful with its usage of texture the song simply soars into the sky. Tapping into an industrial elegance is the stark realism of “Words Words Words Words”. Rather playful with its wormy synthesizer vamps the song expresses such power. Ending things on a high note is bright and airy atmospheres of “789”.

On “Made Me Wanna Change My Name” shows GaBso’s uncanny ability to sculpt EDM with soul.

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