Rev Peter Unger – “Only Grace”

Lyrically masterful and tapping into a sense of optimism is Rev Peter Unger’s rich “Only Grace”. The way that Rev Peter Unger paints a beautiful picture of the world feels deeply comforting. His articulate thoughtful words focus on the overwhelming beauty of the world, of how wonderful it can be. Arrangements add to this with a light touch, featuring Rev Peter Unger’s trusty guitar, piano, and additional sweeps of synthesizer adding to the overall joy of the piece.


Starting off on a spirited note, Rev Peter Unger dives headfirst into a glorious sound. With a resonant guitar nicely matching his powerful voice the song unfurls with a sense of true purpose. The languid pace helps to set the tone for the rest of the track. Nimble guitar work helps to neatly play upon the spirited vocals that adorn much of the performance. By letting the concept of salvation frame the sound the way that the piece grows in scope feels ethereal. Piano flourishes rest in the distance occasionally coming to the forefront of the song. Gradually the piece grows, evolves, to complement the message of the piece. For the song’s finale, everything rises in a masterful cinematic way. By opting for such pacing Rev Peter Unger’s message becomes ever more potent in its delivery, before the song simply drifts away in a glorious way.

Rev Peter Unger’s message lingers in the mind long after it is over on the intricate ornate arrangement of “Only Grace”.

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