Four Ways Music Heals

Music is an amazing thing. How do you feel when a certain song comes on the radio? You may feel happy or sad, or something in between. It is this ability that music has on changing your mood that makes it such an important thing in healing.

You may simply like the beat of a song or the lyrics of it, but there are things deeper in that song that are doing wonders for your brain and for your body. Here are just a small few of the things that listening to music can do to help you heal and find happiness.

Lower Heart Rate

Music can motivate and it can relax. In fact, it can even lower blood pressure. When you are feeling anxious or your heart rate seems to be elevated for some reason, whether it’s stress or an actual heart condition, listen to some slow and relaxing music. Sit back and let that music flow through you.

Music is like meditation when it comes to helping your heart rate smooth out and slow down. You can relax, focus on your breathing, and simply get lost in the music, whether it’s instrumental or has meaningful lyrics.


That relaxing ability of music goes beyond simply helping your heart. It helps with anxiety and even insomnia. Obviously, you need to pick music that has a slow rhythm and isn’t really loud and fast, if you want something that will assist in relaxing you.

Learning to play an instrument can be relaxing as well, once you’ve gotten past the frustrating parts. Art in itself, from playing music to painting, can help you relax and find peace within yourself.

Physical Healing

Music therapy is used in hospitals and treatment centers to heal more than just anxiety and depression. The power of music also has the ability to help relieve pain. Chronic pain sufferers can find a great deal of healing through music.

Take some time to do a little research on the best type of music to listen to for healing. Not all music is created equally when it comes to healing and relaxation properties.

Invokes Memories

Music can also help you deal with and heal the past. Music can help invoke memories, both good and bad. Use that ability to remember as a way to bring up, and deal with, past hurts.

When music helps you remember, it’s important to seek the advice and expertise of a therapist. They will be the ones that can help you through your music therapy and help you deal with the traumas and heartbreaks of the past.

Add a little music to your day every day. It can be motivational, as well as relaxing. If you add a little more upbeat music to your life you may start moving more, which will also lead to better health because you’ll be adding more physical activity to every day!