Maps to the Hollywood Scars – ‘Volume One’

Delivered with great fury is the passionate performance of Maps to the Hollywood Scars’ “Volume One”. The sound deserves to be blasted at full possible volume to truly appreciate its physicality. Neatly tying together elements of punk, pop, with a slight hardcore edge Maps to the Hollywood Scars is a downright delight. Vocals rise above the endless sea of catchy riffs and frantic rhythms. Everything is propelled at the highest possible speeds.

Nicely opening the collection is the primal sound of “Roads”. Featuring snarling vocals, the song is strangely addictive. Maps to the Hollywood Scars lets everything fall into place, building up into a glorious sea of sound. Much more atmospheric and reflective is the ballad of “Till Death”. Opting to explore the joy and devotion of true love. The nimble guitar work adds to the overall appeal of the piece. Quite heavy indeed is the metal tinged work of “Lost Boys”. Easily the highlight of the collection, the song is an absolute blast. Rollicking riffs bounce off each other as vocals rise above the delightful chaos. Solos define the 90s-alt rock vibe of “Abomination”. Infinitely catchy the song builds in tension until it simply bursts into beautiful blasts of noise. Closing off the collection is the reflective spirit of “Never Ending Ride”. Featuring a driving rhythm “Never Ending Ride” is full of clever lyrics and sharp insight.

Maps to the Hollywood Scars opts for a sound that dominates on the furious “Volume One”.

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