ESports Betting On Starcraft 2

Recent years, betting on ESport has become very popular. The most common are team games. Among other computer games, Starcraft 2 takes a high position, although the essence of this game is a confrontation between two gamers, or as they say one-on-one.

Among strategies in real time that have become eSports disciplines in the last two decades, the best and most popular are games produced by Blizzard Entertainment. This developer and publisher released such legendary hits as Heroes of the Storm and the projects of the Warcraft franchise. They and the entire line of StarCraft have attracted so many gamers and organizers of professional competitions that these projects were somehow involved in hundreds of international tournaments.

StarCraft 2 is a real-time strategy, which has taken place in the distant future (24th century). Three races (natives from the Terran Land, the high-tech Protoss and controlled by the collective mind insectoid Zerg) fight for their place under the sun. The Gamer needs to extract as much as possible resources, develop an army and destroy all enemies as soon as possible.

Thanks to the ingenious gameplay and perfect balance, the game has quickly become important eSports title. And a huge number of gamblers have already started to make bets on StarCraft 2. So why not to join?

How and where to begin to put in StarCraft 2?

It is best to start betting on StarCraft 2 through numerous reputed and reliable online bookmakers. There is some specialized resources, entirely devoted to bets on Starcraft 2 esports competitions.

Main types of bets

Before you bet on StarCraft 2, it is important to understand kinds of wagers. In general, the virtual betting competition is not too much different from conventional sports betting on fights between two parties. Most bookmakers include in their lines the following options of bets on StarCraft 2:

•victory in a separate round/match;
•victory in a tournament;
•approximate time of certain round;
•the number of outcomes (wins/losses) in matches involving one gamer;
•various options totals, parlays and bets with the handicap;
•some bookies offer an original bet on match’s events. For example, the first participant, who will build a certain building or attack the opponent.

Advice for beginners

And for those who are only going to bet on StarCraft 2, a few subtleties that will help to make a more winning bet:

•Remember that StarCraft 2 is played by only one player. Therefore, the outcome largely depends on his mood
•Check the statistics of all players before you decide on a favorite. The more stable the gamer performs, the more his chances of success. Various players ‘ ratings will also help to evaluate chances.
•Consider pressure, which may be caused by tournaments and can affect participants. Very often in the latter stages of international competitions, the victory was for more experienced gamers who know how to keep calm in different situations.