Soles Of Passion “Turned It All Around” Video Release

If there is one thing that Soles Of Passion is laser focused on, it is their commitment to championing the cause of financial fairness and balance for citizens of the USA. Their unrelenting ability to hold big banks and financial institutions accountable for their past and current transgressions is important because even though 2008 seems like a long time ago, the ripple effects can still be felt today. It’s this sort of frustration that has led citizens by the millions to find their voice and stand up in unison to demand a change.

Their ability to deliver the message in the form of forward-thinking country music has also allowed them to drive the perfect vehicle to bring their message straight to their audiences. As a new day emerges in our country, the old norms are being challenged and the old guard is being put on notice that the people are taking their country back. It’s with this fresh perspective that they deliver what could be seen as their most optimistic track yet, the self explanatory “Turned It All Around.”