Shallow Side – ‘One’

Shallow Side’s “One” is a fiery tour de force of rock at its most anthemic. Deserving to be absolutely blasted volume works wonders for their expansive expressive sound. The rebellious rollicking nature feels perfectly suited for them as the vocals positively soar above the busy blistering arrangements. Vocals serve front and center of each piece resting right at the heart of the sound. Layer upon layer of sound is applied with painterly precision. Over the course of the collection Shallow Side show off their impressive chops as songs rush forward with great power.

Catchy to its very core is the collection opener “We Roll”. The chorus adds to the communal atmosphere of the track. Everything merges together with the utmost of ease, from the stomp of the rhythm to the colossal riffs. Aptly named is the wild untamed “Rebel”. Quite crazed and chaotic the song bursts at the seams, letting everything fly off into the sky. Pure rush is the freewheeling “Renegade”. Guitar solos are blistering as the song’s manic energy is infectious. Heavy in tone is the massive scope of “Fight Or Flight”. Pummeling down with tremendous energy is the hyperactive rhythms of “Can You Hear Me”. Various elements float into the mix helping it grow in its immersive sound. Raw to its very core is the electro-classical rock hybrid of the closer “Start A Fire”.

With “One” Shallow Side delve into rock’s bluesy roots delivering a sound with true passion and spirit.

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