How You Get Your Products on Top of Amazon Search Results

A page 1 rank would be determining if you are successful in selling 30 plus units per day or just a meager 1 to 5 units every day. You simply need to know how to rank high in the Amazon search results. Here we would be discussing some important rules that would keep you posted. The SEO professionals are working towards giving Google, what it actually wants. Google wishes to present the best content to its customers. The SEO experts are working hard to generate the best content and focus on Google’s purpose. Amazon is no different from Google in this context. Here are a few rules to follow if you wish to rank high in Amazon’s search results.

Do Not Sell Substandard Products

Most sellers who are successful today have achieved success because they have never sold poor quality and substandard products. Make sure that the products that are on sale are of high quality and among the top products available in the market today. Amazon regards its customers as the greatest assets. Customers are instrumental in filtering out some of the best products that are available at best prices. Customers are known to be controlling the market that actually controls pretty much everything on Amazon. Customers are able to identify poor quality products at once and it is Amazon’s responsibility to remove the crappy product at once. You need to be more dedicated and enthusiastic. Stop being lazy and better start looking for a high-quality product that could make you immensely proud. Sell a product that you are passionate about.

Generate More Sales

A higher sales volume would automatically mean a higher rank for your product. Suppose you need to fulfill a task that involves putting either Item No.1 or Item No. 2 on the lower and the front middle shelves. You would be getting paid in terms of total sales of the two items. For some reason, Item No.1 gets sold way more than Item No. 2. Obviously, you would be putting Item No. 1 on the already mentioned front middle shelf. This is precisely, because you would be getting the fattest paycheck simply by maximizing the visibility of Item No. 1 that was selling more for some reason.

Sales ranking may not be correlated with keywords that are being used in searches. You could generate more sales volume by using the following smart but simple tips.

•Hitting communities and forums such as Reddit and winning a following
•Including features on blogs, very much within your industry
•Acquiring affiliate marketers who seem to be already on Amazon, especially, your niche for selling your product too.
•Facebook PPC, Google PPC, Amazon PPC

Get More Product Reviews

This is the ultimate golden rule. This is certainly more tactical and less strategy or mindset. You must try to get more and more product reviews. Here we are not concerned with seller feedback. We are only concerned with the product reviews on the product page listing and we are not concerned at all with the reviews that appear on your seller profile. In this context, you must know that every product is given an Amazon ASIN or the Amazon Standard Identification Number. It would become even easier to gather individual product reviews.

Get Highly Convertible Product Listings

If you wish to get long-term sales, it is necessary to possess a highly convertible product listing. You need to optimize your product listing to facilitate conversions. Conversions could take place if:

•Concerns are addressed
•You have a trustable and awesome brand or seller name
•Product pictures
•Product Title
•Product Description
•Reassuring product specifications

You must work towards making the product listing look like it offers real value for money.

We have discussed some fruitful strategies to succeed in Amazon. You could consider taking some of the ideas and converting them into effective and actionable strategies which would be making a grand impact on your business on Amazon.

Author Bio: Judith Forester is a digital marketer and SEM expert. She has worked extensively with diverse concepts such as Amazon ASIN, keyword generation tools etc. She recently has started a blog where she writes about effective digital marketing solutions.