January 2017 Skope Radio / Kiwi6 Plays Contest

So we have an new & exciting promo we are running on Skope Radio @skopemag.com. The way it works is pretty simple. You place a song submission below as noted. Once the MP3 is processed you will get a link @ kiwi6.com that will tally all plays for January 2017. All submissions will be placed on a specific page @ skopemag.com as well so you can see plays for other artists/bands as well. Once the contest closes the winner will be interviewed @ skopemag.com + indiebandguru.com. You can submit multiple song submissions and you have all month to enter but the contest closes February 5th. All genres accepted, lets do this and have some fun!

Winner- 100 Plays:

Ray William Roldan
“Falling Star”
Audio: www.reverbnation.com/raywilliamroldanswingsamurai/song/26712096-falling-star

Winner Interview/Review: 


Falling Star – Ray William Roldan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you are interested simply email mfriedman@skopemagazine.com:

Xavier Toscano
Never Wanna Leave (2/6/2017)
Play Stats: http://kiwi6.com/file/bzrsqnjlv3

Garth Adam
This Time (2/6/2017)
Play Stats: http://kiwi6.com/file/c4s4ts78o2

Ray William Roldan
Foreplay (2/6/2017)
Play Stats: http://kiwi6.com/file/q6j3ujkuwh

Rev Peter Unger New Single
You’re Not Alone (2/6/2017)
Play Stats: http://kiwi6.com/file/4gsj6ddxrf

Xavier Toscano
Runaway (2/6/2017)
Play Stats: http://kiwi6.com/file/ocl0in1ljt

Ray William Roldan
Falling Star (2/6/2017)
Play Stats: http://kiwi6.com/file/nhwaot6oqb

Nile Groove
Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad (2/10/2017)
Website: http://www.nilegroove.com
Play Stats: http://kiwi6.com/file/nlqcyghsxn