Storage Ideas for That Concert Poster You Just Bought


Concerts are a lot of fun and incredibly memorable, but you may want something special to help mark the event. If you opt for a poster, then the next concern is how you’ll store it. While a simple frame is the most obvious choice, it’s actually not the only answer. You may decide that another option will actually work better for you.

Artist’s Portfolio
Artists portfolios come in all sizes, and the larger ones are great for storing posters. If you attend a lot of concerts and have more than you can really mount on the walls, then go with these zippered pouches to keep the dust away and ensure that your edges stay flat. Available in leather and vinyl, the heavier materials will effectively protect your posters when even if the portfolio gets knocked around a little.

Mailing Tubes
Roll it up, tie it loosely with a ribbon, and slide it into a mailing tube. The curling action will easily retreat when you want to flatten the poster for mounting, but you can be confident that the edges will stay nice and flat. You can store several in one tube by putting some tissue paper between them, or get a separate tube for each poster. Some companies, such as Chicago Mailing Tube Co., know how helpful these kind of tubes can be to keep these sort of things safe. Choose tubes that come with plastic end covers to keep the dust out. A great benefit of this option is that it will take up very little space in your closet.

In the Closet
Wrap your poster in a vinyl sleeve and then hang it from a coat hanger in the closet. Be sure to tuck it up against the wall so that the edges won’t be damaged by clothes coming in and out of the closet. This is a fine option for temporary storage while you choose a frame and find the right spot.

Under-Bed Storage
Clear plastic bins that are designed to slide under the bed are typically large enough for posters. They may be designed for shoes or bedding, but they can hold a substantial poster collection while protecting it from dust, dirt, and damage.

Protect your cool concert posters by putting some thought into the storage method. You want something that allows the concerts to be stored flat or rolled neatly into a tube. The idea is to protect the edges, keep the print safe from UV rays, and prevent dust from settling over it. These storage methods are all reasonably airtight to protect your posters from environmental or accidental damage.