He’s a gentleman and a girl-chaser, a warm-hearted soul with a devilish streak, a talented piano man who knows his way around a digital audio suite, and a passionate love man with a genuine sense of humor about himself. His music is a dazzling collision between the old and the new, the proper and the sleazy, ingratiating pop and attention-grabbing hip-hop and soul. Young Trevor Wesley has emerged from Southern California with a distinctive musical personality, fully formed and ready for prime time — and the rest of the world is catching on fast. In 2015, he lit up the Internet with the independently released “Chivalry Is Dead,” a widely-shared track played millions of times on YouTube. After releasing an album of the same name, Wesley has returned with a gorgeously shot, exquisitely appointed, and downright suggestive new video for “In This World”, and it seems certain to make the viral success of “Chivalry” look like a mere prelude.

He’s brought a friend to the party, too: Raven Felix, the Taylor Gang-affiliated emcee whose swaggering rhymes have made her a staple of the California rap underground for the past few years. Raven’s confident featured verse on “In This World” is a wonderfully wicked counterpoint to Wesley’s heavenly singing and a lascivious, instantly catchy chorus that features sped-up voices, a gang chorus, and an awed performance by the star about the wonders of buttocks in motion. Yes, Wesley might have the liquid voice of an old-fashioned pop star, but his fascinations are decidedly contemporary (and identifiable, too). He’s after the booty — and as polite as he might sound, he makes his desires manifest.