“This tea we feel is phenomenal because it is wildly powerful yet delicious. It tastes of a deep natural sweetness, citrus, and a fierce kick of spicy ginger and seems to truly help vocalists make it through more shows.” – Sky White (Founder of Wendigo Tea Co.)

Wondering how your favorite singers manage to belt it out night after night without losing their voices? Tired of whispering your way through down days between gigs on the road? Well Wendigo Tea Co. founder and mastermind Sky White may have the answer and the antidote. Siren, which is the latest addition to White’s renown line of super, high-end teas has only been on the market for 6 months, but it is already gaining high praise from some of the industry’s best vocalists for it’s reparative qualities and taste. White, who is a formidable musician in his own right (former keyboardist for Foxy Shazam), recognized a need for a stronger, and more effective herbal tea crafted specifically for vocalists. This perfectly balanced herbal tea that White was dreaming of simply didn’t exist and with necessity being the mother of invention, he decided to craft if himself:

“I always thought herbal teas were silly and boring but have met hundreds of professional vocalists that relied on variations of herbal blends that soothe the voice and help deal with the damage on their throats from singing for hours every night. I knew that I could find a way to make this better, stronger, and more effective. I was never planning on getting into herbal teas but there was very huge need for this in the industry. All of the rest of my teas are ultra-premium traditional (Camellia sinensis) teas that have deep rooted culture and history. I specialize in finding these legendary teas from around the world. Herbal blends are a whole other game. I just knew something needed to be done. The only person who has ever impressed me with herbal blends is Kathryn Grover over at She agreed to help take on the Siren with me. So after countless hours of fine-tuning this beast of a tea together, she is finally done!” – Sky White

Professional singers everywhere understand that their voice is their instrument and their livelihood. Protecting and preserving such a valuable asset is the key to a long lasting career in the music industry and Siren is a simple tool that should be in every singers preventative arsenal. Even Justin Hawkins, the lead singer for the British glam-rock group The Darkness recently applauded Siren for it’s unrivaled effectiveness:

“Siren Throat Coat is the only choice for a moderately successful singer like moi. When the chips are down, your goose is cooked and the going gets tough, this is a championship level tea blend with enough fire to blast away the cobwebs. My pipes have never been clearer, my voice is clear and true. On behalf of The Darkness, I thank you.” – Justin Hawkins (Lead singer for The Darkness)

So whether you’re an aspiring vocalist-in-training or a road weary, professional screamer Siren will keep you in the game and performing your best.

About Wendigo Tea Co.: While working as a professional musician, Sky White spent a decade touring the planet and developing a taste for ridiculously high-grade tea. When he returned to his hometown of Cincinnati, Sky set out to share his passion for fine teas with the world. Sky White’s Wendigo Tea Co. offers consumers a selection of delicious high-grade teas sourced from around the globe. Each of these teas embodies the mysterious essence of a cryptic namesake; from the bold natural sweetness of Bigfoot Black Tea to the delicate complexity of Nessy’s imperial-grade jasmine pearls. Sky hand-picks all of Wendigo Tea Co.’s legendary teas for their unique flavors, premium quality, and ancient origins.