Reyna Roberts knows the value of putting up a good fight. Born prematurely in Anchorage, Alaska and at risk of severe developmental disadvantages, she proved doctors and experts wrong by not only finding her voice, but turning it into a brilliant gift.

Now in Hollywood, she’s a long way from Alaska, but hasn’t lost that fighting spirit. She knows that nothing is a given, and has immersed herself in musical studies, classical piano, and has been on a relentless pace ever since. Her first single, “Lying to Myself,” got her foot in the door, and her follow up EP announced her arrival with authority. The Beginning EP was inspired by her experience in high school, making her the perfect artist to appear on the Spring 2016 High School Nation tour, headlined by Drake Bell.

The standout track on The Beginning EP was the fiery “I’m Coming For Ya.” The track is a warning to anyone who might be thinking about crossing Reyna. Don’t do it. Though she is as sweet as can be in person, she is a determined artist with a vision that will never be compromised.