Tali Dennerstein


Tali Dennerstein’s angelic voice and masterful arrangements are an absolute joy. Her ability to strike a balance between the passionate and contemplative is incredible, as she effortlessly creates a sound that simply soars. Easily the heart and soul of her work are the vocals, which display a poetic quality to them. Rather dreamy the many layers of sound create a vast spaciousness one that consumes the listener. Over the course of a song she creates a universe unto itself, one that consumes everything in its path.

“Deliverance” dominates pure and simple. Guitar work is elegant and the steady rhythm leads the way forward. Above it all Tali Dennerstein starts with a rather gentle delivery. Little by little the song builds up into a glorious swell of sound, as the stately guitars in the distance further emphasize a sense of hope. Stripped down sound begins the intimate approach of “Someday”. On this piece Tali Dennerstein delves deep into grunge’s inner workings. Quite deliberately the song ebbs and flows, remaining in a constant state of flux. Vocals are pristine and perfect offering a calm in the center of it all. Ominous in nature is the anxiousness of “Lost”. Here Tali Dennerstein’s highly articulate lyricism works wonders. Elements of the song emphasize desire for comfort, a desire that goes unheeded.



With a true sense of grandeur, Tali Dennerstein’s work is inspirational and ambitious possessing melodies that linger in the mind long after they are over.


By Beach Sloth