Pop/R&B singer, Ilana Armida is gearing up to unleash her debut EP Iridescent Flower Child due out January 13, 2016. Always wanting to entertain and perform, Armida gravitated to music and theater at an early age and took her talents with her to college where she enrolled in Florida Atlantic University’s Commercial Music Business program. During her tenure at FAU, Armida took part in their student run record label Hoot/Wisdom Recordings where she learned the ins and outs of perfecting her craft. In 2013, Armida unleashed a short EP entitled Used Up, and is thrilled to be back with her follow up, Iridescent Flower Child which is to be released through her own record label, Eastpark Entertainment.

The 7-track EP is the outward expression of who she is as an artist and showcases her unique mix of energetic R&B melodies with catchy, soulful pop vocals, with a hint of funk and hip-hop throughout. The EP consists of already released tracks including the pop-dance tune “Pretend,” and “Still Down For You” which is soulful ballad that incorporates harmonized vocals over syncopated piano chords and dynamic percussion. Armida expands on the overall EP theme by stating:

“The word Iridescent signifies when something appears to change color when looked at from different angles. This concept alludes to my multiple dimensions and ideas that I communicate through the EP. Flower represents growth both as an artists but also as a person and a woman coming into my own. Child us used to symbolize two things; one is keeping things playful and not taking everything so seriously but also remembering my big dream that I had as a little girl and staying true to who I am.”