Von Konow – ‘Cosmic’


Nicely tapping into the theatrical essence of glam rock, Von Konow’s “Cosmic” is a pure delight. Arrangements are pitch perfect as Von Konow creates a constantly shifting sea of sound, one that incorporates elements of classical, ambient, and rock into such a satisfying swirl of sound. By far the highlight of the song is Von Konow’s strong, resonant voice. This voice leads the way as an entire narrative begins to unfurl with a true sense of purpose, growing ever larger and more confident.

Upon a rather hushed entrance the piece comes into full bloom quite quickly. How the song evolves to its first burst of energy gives the entire piece a rather giddy, almost playful temperament. Layer upon layer of sound interact in a wide variety of ways as they reveal a great deal of textures. Making sure that all elements are explored in full about halfway through the piece the vocals drop out revealing the true attention to detail of the arrangement. Rather regal in nature, the elegant sound begins to fully take over. Once more Von Konow’s vocals enter into the fray. A sense of optimism emerges out of the carefully chosen lyrics, which when taken in represent a rather lovely, joyful, spry mix. For the song’s very finale everything comes together in a perfect, economical fashion as it slowly fades away into the sky.

“Cosmic” shows off the impressive, powerful vocals of Von Konow long with their deft ear for melody.


By Beach Sloth