Today, London quartet Boxed In share the new video for single “Forget” from their upcoming album Melt (September 23rd). “Forget” is the follow up single to “Jist,” which upon its release was immediately added to the UK’s prestigious BBC Radio 6 Music Playlist and received regular plays across Radio 1.

The new video is the perfect companion to the brooding electronics of “Forget,” a track that wrestles with how much your conscience will let you move forward from a period of life you’d rather leave behind. It sees Boxed In team up once more with director Wayne McCauslin, who also produced the video for “Jist.” Oli Bayston, the brainchild behind Boxed In, comments, “After the incredible job Wayne did on the ‘Jist’ video, I was really excited to have him on board for ‘Forget’ as well. When he told me that we’d be filming in an abandoned chemical factory in deep Eastern Berlin, dodging security as we went, that was the tipping point.” McCauslin addes, “Before I’d even heard ‘Forget,’ I wanted to make something that sourced from my initial feelings – that excitement and buzz you get when you first hear a track. And when I finally heard it, the visuals just flowed out like Oli had shook the bottle before giving it to me.”