Composed around an eerie, looped ice cream-van siren and a big dumb bass riff, ‘The Blue’ is sonically fitting for a track concerning the symbiotic relationship of the gleeful and the gloomy. “It’s a good idea to feel sad sometimes,” says Cocoa frontman Greg, “but the things you can do to avoid feeling down can be really, really fun.” It’s a sentiment delivered through a song that’s anchored by a super-fat metronomic midtempo groove that administers dancefloor thrust to melodic trills and percussive interjections while Greg urges us all to “Catch Up”. Characteristically Cocoa Futures, ‘The Blue’ is electro-inspired dance-oriented pop, at once absorbing and accessible but equally as adventurous, revealing new surprises and musically creative tricks with every listen. Fuck art, let’s dance? No need. Cocoa Futures have them both covered.

Photo cred: Sara Amroussi-Gilissen