Oh My Love is an Electronic Pop duo out of Madison, WI comprised of Hannah Luree and Christian Lisser. Oh My Love’s sound is driven by powerful vocals, glistening melodies, driving synth, and heavy-hitting, electronic beats.

After two years of writing and performing music together, the electronic pop duo Oh My Love is releasing their debut album “Ghosts & Bubblegum” on May 6th for the world to hear. The 11-track album was written, recorded, and produced by Oh My Love in their home studio and mixed by Joe Mabbott (known for his work with Atmosphere, Doomtree, and Brother Ali). Ghosts & Bubblegum is representative of the idea that yin and yang, or two opposites can attract and become one whole entity. The duality of the album touches on humanity’s struggles with happiness and sadness, dark and light, and death and life. Without one, you wouldn’t have the other.