Blaza Duval – ‘For The Glory’


Blaza Duval’s “For The Glory” explores the innermost desire to succeed. With lyrics that emphasize accomplishment for oneself, the song is a powerful ode to self-motivation. Throughout the song Blaza Duval’s flow is flawless as he states exactly what is needed in order to achieve his goals. By being in control of his destiny Blaza Duval does not have to answer to anyone but instead lets the internal struggle to get better and better serve as enough strength. Anchoring all of these inspiring lyrics is a massive beat that is relentless.

Starting off the piece is a tense piano sample that serves as one of the mainstays of the piece. Additional layers are introduced into the mix resulting in a massive swirl of sound getting ever stronger and more potent in intensity. Blaza Duval lets his lyrics explain exactly how he uses his own belief in himself to drive him forward. A message of deeply felt individualism takes hold of the piece, as Blaza Duval ensures that he stays honest to himself. Throughout it all the nimble rhythm works wonders. Little flourishes of sound weave their way in and out of the mix, refusing to let up. Towards the end of the piece the song slows things down going for a gigantic, epic finale. Slowing down the tempo and adding a hot guitar solo brings the entire song to a satisfying close.

“For The Glory” shows off the impressive skills of Blaza Duval, from the carefully crafted rhythms to the hyper-articulate lyrics.

By Beach Sloth