The Jess Novak Band – “Rat a Tat (Remix)”


The Jess Novak Band create a funky soulful sound on Rat a Tat (Remix). Full of energy the song explodes into beautiful color. Playful to its very core everything simply works from the smooth vocals to the infectious bass line. How the song evolves ever so gracefully is particularly fine, throwing together elements from so many genres from classic rock to rap, all of it handled with the greatest of ease. Lyrics are fine and delivered with true passion.

Wasting absolutely no time the groove gets started immediately. This serves as the backbone of the track as everything revolves around the very elastic rhythm. Little details go a long way from the beat-boxing courtesy of Jose Varona, which helps to add a tactile sensibility to the song. Melodies flow out of the lovely dusty organ recalling the best of early 70s classic rock. About halfway through the track Langston Masingale starts rapping, fitting in perfectly with the overall celebratory mood. Guitar work blooms out of his fiery flow adding to the sense of hope that dominates the song. Towards the end of the song the entire band comes together to create a sense of community. Organ keys gently play amongst the chorus, adding to the sense of joy that brings the song to a gentle whispered hush.

Catchy and downright luxurious in nature, the Jess Novak Band create a perfect summery sound with the bright work of “Rat a Tat (Remix)”.

Posted by Beach Sloth