Cool Company – “Summer Daze”


Cool Company’s “Summer Daze EP” taps into a summery form of nostalgia. With a distinct chillwave vibe reminiscent of Washed Out and Toro Y Moi, the songs effortlessly tie a multitude of styles into a satisfying whole. Elements of hip-hop, soul, and funk work in unison to explore lovely textures. Full of leisurely melodies, laid back vocals, and sunny optimism these are songs that are the perfect thing for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Everything plays off of each other resulting in a collection that feels thematically consistent.

Stream the full EP via Bandcamp:

By far the highlight of the collection is the EP opener “Sunrise”. Aptly named the song hovers about for the first few moments before settling into a satisfying funky groove. Layers upon layers are introduced into the mix like a light jazz sound helping to structure the song. Laid-back in nature is the loose sound of “Simple Things” where little guitar licks weave in and out of the mix. Gentle to its very core is the satisfying sweet sound of “Beneath The Lights”. Lyrics are incredibly tender as a sense of purpose is explored in full. Smooth in sound is the irresistible bass of “Overload” where it explores what it means to be overwhelmed. Economic in scope is the whispered introspective work of “Howling”. Closing the collection on a high note is the simple yet effective melody of “Sandcastles”.

“Summer Daze EP” shows Cool Company tapping into that dreamy quality that defines so many summer days.

Posted by Beach Sloth