Corvaa – ‘Zipper’


I woke up to Corvaa’s new track Zipper this morning, and it set my mood for the whole day: optimistic, cheerful, vivacious and passionate. Honestly, I didn’t expect to like something like this, but I did. Eventually, there is a particular kind of music for each and every situation and frame of mind. For example, even though I do love and appreciate Evanescence and Nightwish, I wouldn’t want to get up from my bed and begin my day with this kind of music. The way you start your day, after all, determines the way you spend it, most of the time. So, if you almost jump out of bed, dancing and smiling, just because you can’t help it, just because you are eager to move and live this another beautiful day; chances are, the day will be amazing! And Corvaa’s tune will do this to and for you.

To idulge in the careless tone of the song, you don’t necessarily have to want somebody to “pull your zipper”, you just might want to have a good time, listening to the single. Though this work of Corvaa’s doesn’t seem vulgar at all.
In spite of the fact that the song is entirely electronically produced, it feels extremely alive and pulsing. I am sure, this sensation arises because Corvaa has put all her energy in her work, and we get it by listening to it. It is infectious.

Zipper has got incredible dynamics: climaxes and falls, keeping your attention engaged throughout the song. It starts with a simple beat and provocative sighs. Gradually, the intensity of the sound increases, Corvaa’s pleasing voice joins, the intensity drops and fades towards the end of the track and then rises again. The singer holds your attention a little bit longer, and then the song subsides.

The tune is pretty much psychodelic; especially, if you listen to it in a loop and don’t sit up and take notice of the lyrics of the song. I did that. Somewhere along the line, I started feeling that my thoughts, which, just a minute ago, were running through my head, had left me, and I had turned into mere sensation. I’m not crazy. Perhaps, a little bit. Anyway, I love the way the track makes me feel. It lifts me up. And clearing your mind in our crazy time happens to be crucial sometimes.

I would like to emphasise the quality of the product, necessarily. It’s a piece of workmanship. Corvaa and those, who teamed up with her, did a great, neat and accurate job of high quality. It’s a pleasure to listen to a tune like Zipper.
No matter, what time of day it is, where you are and what you are up to; get to listen to this single. You will “love that heavy, pumpin, stupid bass”, Corvaa’s lovely, soft voice and the life-asserting energy of the song. I can almost hear you exclaim: “Hey, whoever you are! Don’t “pull her zipper”, let her sing to us a little longer!”



Anastasia Shanueva