Japan Soul returns with a brand new song called “Chica”. The song expresses solidarity with women, too often the subject of gross harassment, while acknowledging its own conflicted male gaze. Sonically, it’s a leap forward for Japan Soul as they double down on their signature art-funk as a full-fledged band. Keyboardist Matt McMurry is also the producer, crafting a pop infused sound with indie tendencies just begging you to get on your feet and dance.

Japan Soul is a quartet comprised of Jason Paul, DaVe Lipp, Matt McMurry and Tyler Graham. They make super funky, sometimes provocative, always artistic indie pop. Japan Soul released their first album, Plastic Utopia, in early 2014 to some very nice reviews. “Chica” heralds an exciting evolution of the band from a studio entity to a more live oriented unit. Japan Soul is currently finishing up their second LP, There’s No More Time, produced exclusively by keyboard player and up-and-coming producer Matt McMurry.