True North Records is pleased to announce the forthcoming album ‘The Family’ from prolific singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur due out June 3rd, available for pre-order now!

Musician, painter and poet Joseph Arthur acquired a Steinway Vertegrand piano from the early 1900’s, moved it into his Red Hook, Brooklyn studio and saved it from the storm (Sandy, propped on cinderblocks, while the neighborhood flooded). He learned some of its history: the piano had been a part of the same family for a century, somewhere in Connecticut. Written entirely on that piano, The Family (June 3 / True North Records) is mostly a work of fiction and a meditation on the idea of family.

“Jo is one of those rare writer-performers where you get the sense, whatever you believe, that something greater is being channeled through his music and voice. It touches something very deep and universal.” – Michael Stipe