Ronjo V – ‘Ronjoism’


Warm and tender, Ronjo V’s “Ronjoism” shows an impressive mastery of pop music. Throughout the collection Ronjo V taps into a classic rock sound akin to similar efforts by Tobias Jesso Jr. Inviting melodies serve as the heart and center of these pieces as they come into full bloom quite satisfyingly. Songs are woven together to create a compelling tapestry of sound. With careful considered arrangements Ronjo V displays a deep understanding of song craft, as these are songs that linger in the mind long after they’re over.

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“Dying Wish” starts the EP off right. A rollicking dreamy rhythm takes hold as the song swirls about. Halfway through the song the sound comes into focus as Ronjo V lets the volume and climax take hold. By far the highlight of the EP is the sly groove of “Slo Motion”. Languid in nature Ronjo V’s approach is reminiscent of a fascinating combination of grunge and pop akin to that of Soundgarden’s early efforts, brilliantly executed and flawlessly delivered. Delicate in nature the song moves forward with great emotional power. Fragile is the piano led ballad of “A.G.L.S”. This mood continues with the reflective “Caught”. Nicely flowing from this is the introspective glistening tone of “You’re Not the First”. Impeccably arranged the song’s airy spacious feeling is an absolute pleasure. Intimate in nature is the acoustic led “Un-Friend”.

“Slow Motion”

“Dying Wish”

Infinitely stylish and satisfying, Ronjo V’s “Ronjoism” shows that the age-old tradition of finely crafted pop continues onwards.

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